Furniture Care and Advice Guide

Protecting your new oak, mango, mahogany or teak hardwood furniture can be easily achieved by using the right tools. We would always advise seeking professional advice when dealing with badly damaged furniture but to stop everyday wear and tear from ruining your furniture, there are a few things you can do yourself.

Light Scratches in wood furniture

Everyday scratches on your solid wood furniture can be improved in the short term by lightly rubbing the inside of a walnut over the problem area. You can also try applying a wax furniture patching stick to the damaged area too.

Deep Scratches

For more noticeable, harsher scratches on solid wood furniture, wood filler is best applied followed by sanding down and then applying an appropriate finish.

Stain Damage

Any stain damage to your furniture can be improved with polish or removed with an ethanol solution. For severe staining applying bleach to the affected area followed by an appropriate finish. Small dents or superficial scratches are often seen as part of the character as the furniture ages; after all, the most desirable antiques often have chips, dents or even splits.

Woodworm Damage

Treating wood furniture for woodworm is something you'll thankfully never have to do when buying from a reputable retailer, such as Oakland Furniture. However, should you find you need to treat an older piece of wood furniture for woodworm; there are a number of home wood furniture treatments available to buy.

To find out more about maintaining your new furniture purchase, there are a number of hardwood furniture guides to help you. Take a look through the information available and decide the best course of action to protect your naturally finished furniture and keep it looking tip top.

Furniture Care Products

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