We have a great selection of contemporary wooden sideboard furniture to choose from. Perfect for storing all manner of tableware, dining room sideboards are an indispensible piece of furniture. Whether you're looking for a modern oak sideboard or more traditional oak sideboards, we have over forty designs to choose from – crafted from solid oak, mango or mahogany. Oak dining room furniture will never go out of fashion; practical, durable and exceptionally stylish, it's an excellent all-rounder.

In addition to their storage facilities, sideboards also make effective dining room furniture servers - which harks back their original use in the 18th century. Commonly used in dining rooms, living rooms or hallways, sideboards would also make a useful addition to the bathroom to store towels or bathroom products. The average sideboard is an amalgamation of drawers and cupboards – often with shelves for split level storage. The expansive top is extremely useful for displaying photos, vases and ornaments; or for serving drinks in the living room and a buffet in the dining room. With regard to sideboard designs, there's certainly plenty to choose from. At Oakland Furniture we sell a huge range of sideboards – from two drawers, one cupboard sideboards to impressive six drawer sideboards!

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Featured solid oak sideboards:

Tokyo Solid Oak Large Sideboard

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